Bushey and District Footpaths Association

bushey grove to Ashlyn close path


On the 13th March 2004 Phil Wadey, on behalf of BADFA, made an application for the footpath between Bushey Grove Road and Ashlyn Close to be recorded on the Definitive Map.

Just 18 years 8 months later on the 21st November 2022, we have been notified that Hertfordshire County Council has made the decision to make the order.

The Conclusion reads:

“The County Council has considered both the historical documentary evidence and user evidence in relation to this application and has decided the 1964 Adoption of the Application Route constitutes an event as set out in S.53(2)(a) Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 and therefore to make a Legal Event Modification Order to record the Application Route as a Public Footpath. The order should record the width of the footpath as varying between 2-3 metres, as shown on the plan forming part of the Adoption Agreement, and the bollards located at the junction with Bushey Grove Road should be recorded as limitations.”

You can see the full details here:

Under B: Bushey, Ashlyn Close you can see the application and the Reasons for Decision document.

There are several more applications still going through the process.